How do we support you in work and development?


Aesthetics & regeneration

Our offer includes products for aesthetic medicine treatments (Juvelook & Lenisna hybrid collagen stimulators, Fillus HA fillers) and for regenerative medicine (own brand of plasma and platelet-rich fibrin kits are produced in a prestigous European factory).


The CPD Group accredited courses

Together with experienced trainers (including Dr Gurnam Virdi, JK La Estetica Training ) we organize trainings in the use of our products throughout United Kingdom. Small groups, each participant performs treatments under the supervision of a trainer. We are accredited the CPD Group  provider and we have the CPD Group accreditation for Lenisna & Juvelook and plasma/fibrin trainings. 


Easy access to our products

Now you can buy all our products in our e-shop. We offer you Beauty Points loyalty program – collect points and pay with them or exchange them for trainings and other products. We are shipping all the products from our UK distribution center. 


Educational platform online

We will open soon a new international educational platform where you will find exclusive materials for doctors: webinar recordings, videos, studies, publications, protocols. Just register and use it 24/7!

What areas do we specialize in?

Aesthetic medicine

Juvelook, Lenisna
We are the exclusive distributor of Juvelook and Lenisna hybrid collagen stimulators, we also offer autologous products and HA fillers.

Regenerative medicine

medycyna regeneracyjna
We offer a wide selection of kits for obtaining plasma and platelet-rich fibrin produced under our own brand - for use in various fields of medicine.


Plasma and platelet-rich fibrin are widely used in the regeneration of locomotive organs and the regeneration of tendons and ligaments. We also offer trainings for orthopedists.


Hybrid stimulators and PRP/PRF products can support healing of dermatological problems, such as acne scars.

Wound healing

leczenie ran
APRF kits (PRF Advanced) allow to obtain autologous dressings in the form of fibrin clots. We support the work of nurses and doctors in the treatment of hard-to-heal wounds.


Autologous dressings and platelet-rich plasma are also used by dentists (e.g. form gum regeneration) and dental surgeons.

Aesthetic ginecology

ginekologia estetyczna
Plasma and platelet-rich fibrins are successfully used to regenerate intimate organs and improve the quality of sexual life (e.g. O-Shot procedure).

Aesthetic urology

Platelet-rich plasma allows for regeneration of penile tissues (P-Shot treatment) and leads to the improvement of sexual functions or eliminates disorders, e.g. after prostate surgery.

Our products

Our experts and trainers 

Dr Paul Charlson

FRCGP, DPD, DRCOG, DOCCMED, FBCAM. Highly experienced cosmetic physician with over 20 years of experience. Key Opinion Leader in aesthetic medicine in UK.

Paul is past President of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) and a trustee of the JCCP a cross industry body working with government to improve safety and training cosmetic medicine. He is a key opinion leader for several leading aesthetic brands and one of the most experienced cosmetic injectors in the UK. He regularly attends exclusive elite injector training seminars in UK & Europe. Dr Paul Charlson holds a Certificate in Cosmetic Medicine. He runs NHS dermatology services and holds a Diploma in Practical Dermatology from the University of Wales. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners, British College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Society of Medicine.

Joanna Kuszneruk

Specialist of aesthetic medicine, qualified nurse

Aesthetic Medicine trainer in UK with 18 years of experience in the industry. A graudate of Nursing School in New York and Aesthetic Medical in New York, University of Medicine in Bialystok, Poland, major in public health and cosmetology. An owner of JK La Estetica Training in Chelmsford, Essex. The CPD Accredited trainings provider. 

Elwira Katkowska

Cosmetologist, UK National Sales Manager

Cosmetologist with high skills e.g. in tissue stimulators, PDO threads, advanced dermal fillers, PRP & PRF. An experienced trainer with a teaching diploma and CPD Accreditation. She has owned a medical spa in Dubai, now settled in Lancashire. 

Agnieszka Wegner

 Medical international trainer

Medical international trainer -Aesthetic Medicine, treatments -dermalfiller, anti-wrinkle injection, PRP Fibrin, Bio Filler, PDO threads

Upcoming trainings 

We are always ready to meet with you!


We are properly trained in the products and protocols that we are happy to tell you about. We have a wide experience in aesthetic and regenerative medicine. 


Practicioners cooperating with us appreciate a quality of our service and a quick response to their needs. We never leave questions unanswered, so you can always count on our help!