The knowledge resulting from the experience of our experts allowed us to create a unique training program.

We are accredited the CPD Group  provider and we have the CPD Group accreditation for Lenisna & Juvelook and plasma/fibrin trainings. 

We are the only one company that offers all certified products for autologous procedures using the patient’s own blood.
This gives us the opportunity to expand the training offer in the future.
We currently offer training in the field of:

  • Lenisna & Juvelook hybrid stimulators
  • platelet rich plasma / platelet rich fibrin
  • Plasma Complex Premium
  • SKIN UP – autologous filler / SKIN UP PREMIUM – autologous stimulator with stem cells

Our products are used in aesthetic and regenerative medicine, orthopedics, gynecology, trichology, dentistry and others.

We are looking for trainers in UK.

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