Mesotherapy serum
La Playa


La Playa - premium product for cosmetology treatments. It contains a unique combination of ingredients for spectacular effects of the microneedle mesotherapy treatment (rejuvenation, alignment of the structure, reduction of acne scars, restoration of radiance, lightening of discolorations, improvement of tension, elasticity, firming).  

  • The main ingredient of La Playa is polylactic acid, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, ensuring its firmness, tension, elasticity and wrinkle reduction.
  • It's supported by hyaluronic acid, responsible for skin hydration, volume and smoothness, as well as a complex of amino acids and peptides that stimulate the activity of fibroblasts, contributing to skin reconstruction.
  • Glutathione and vitamin C in a stable form are responsible for the radiant glow of the skin and its uniform color. Thanks to these ingredients, La Playa brightens discolorations, protects the skin against oxidative stress and photoaging, visibly rejuvenates the skin!

    La Playa can be applied to the face, neck, cleavage or hands. It works perfectly in combination with microneedling and microneedle radiofrequency. One session includes 3 treatments (every 2-4 weeks). It is recommended to perform a total of 3 sessions at intervals of up to 8-12 weeks for a visible effect of skin rejuvenation and revitalisation!