SKIN UP – Autologous filler

Autologous filler as an alternative for HA fillers. For everyone who appreciates natural beauty and regenerative profits. This offers a wide range of treatment options — from filling small wrinkles to large volumetric reconstructions.

In the single blood collection procedure, the specialist performing the procedure can produce both a highly concentrated new-generation plasma for facial revitalisation and an autologous SKIN UP filler.

From a single blood sampling procedure, 5 to 20 ml of autologous filler are obtained.


  • safe
  • alternative for classical fillers with HA
  • meeting the needs of customers who are not allowed to use HA and other materials
  • great tolerance
  • in some procedure – action with growth factors, joint regeneration and filling
  • minimally invasive method

It contains 2 x Safety Medical Pack – for a doctor and patient comfort:

  • Disposable turniquet
  • Disinfection swab
  • Bandage
  • BD Vacutainer® Safety-Lok™ blood collection set with holder
  • Syringe 5 ml BD Luer-lok
  • Plasma extraction needle
  • 2 labels for each tube for patient and doctor

The ideal treatment for:

  • all those who value autologous therapies
  • patients allergic to hyaluronic acid or the lack of hyaluronidase administration
  • people who expect regeneration and filling in one treatment
  • patients who are prone to egzema