Hyaluronic Acid with Lidocaine ELOQUENCE – produced by the Korean company Jetema, one of the largest manufacturers of hyaluronic acid in the world (including Regenovue, e.p.t.q.). The brand’s products meet the highest standards for HA filler production – they are gel-based preparations with a high HA content (24 mg/ml) and added lidocaine, characterized by high viscoelasticity, very low endotoxin content (less than 0.1EU), and ease of administration due to optimized injection pressure in the syringe.

EQ acids to choose from:

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A lightweight filler designed to reduce superficial wrinkles and lines, crow’s feet, and expression lines around the eyes. It gives the face a fresh, rested appearance.

  • 24 mg/ml HA
  • Lidocaine – 3 mg/ml
  • 1 ampoule-syringe 1.1 ml
  • Needles included: 1 x 27G, 1 x 30G


A highly elastic filler designed to reduce deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and for volumetrics, modeling, and filling in deficits in the areas of cheeks, chin, forehead, lips, and nose. It is a denser, longer-lasting gel for volumizing procedures.

  • 24 mg/ml HA
  • Lidocaine – 3 mg/ml
  • 1 ampoule-syringe 1.1 ml
  • Needles included: 2 x 27G


A high-performance, long-lasting filler that provides volumizing effects in the areas of cheeks, chin, forehead, jawline, or nose.

  • 24 mg/ml HA
  • Lidocaine – 3 mg/ml
  • 1 ampoule-syringe 1.1 ml
  • Needles included: 1 x 25G, 1 x 27G


  • Superficial wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet
  • Marionette lines
  • Forehead wrinkles, glabellar lines
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Gentle lip hydration and contour improvement
  • Neck folds

Production Standards:

Eloquence products are produced according to 9 criteria that comply with the highest standards for HA filler production (The IX Essential Process):

  1. Safety of raw materials used in filler production – in an exclusive, controlled production line.
  2. High content of high-purity HA – durability of effects, prevention of swelling.
  3. High viscoelasticity for visible tissue lifting.
  4. Homogeneous particle implementation technology (uniform particle size) – product homogeneity facilitates easy modeling during the procedure.
  5. No residual chemical catalysts throughout the cross-linking process.
  6. Aseptic production environment to prevent side effects.
  7. Less than 0.1 EU/ml endotoxin.
  8. Minimization of pain with the same pH and osmotic pressure as the human body.
  9. Optimized injection pressure ensures even filler distribution and prevents localized accumulation.


  • ZEEP Technology (Zero Endotoxin & BDDE Entire Process): Eloquence maintains endotoxin levels below 0.1 EU/ml, and the absence of detectable BDDE residues minimizes the risk of side effects that may occur after the procedure.
  • Downing Process: Jetema’s proprietary process for producing uniformly sized hyaluronic acid particles. Optimized injection pressure prevents uneven and localized accumulation of acid in tissues.


  • Minimization of BDDE input quantities: MoD (Degree of Modification) is an index that indicates the total amount of BDDE used as a modifying agent during the production of hyaluronic acid compared to the total amount of HA. The MoD of Eloquence is 1/6 lower compared to other fillers, making it safer.
  • Maximization of Cross-Linking Efficiency: Through an improved physical cross-linking process, achieving a complete level of cross-linking while minimizing the amount of BDDE used as a chemical catalyst, resulting in a gel with high viscoelastic properties.
  • High Viscoelasticity and Cohesiveness: Eloquence fillers have viscoelasticity and cohesiveness comparable to other products on the market that contain more BDDE.