PLASMA COMPLEX PREMIUM – the double power of stem cells CD 34+

Complete Cell Therapy – Autologous treatment from the patient’s own blood!

  • PLASMA COMPLEX PEMIUM enables the treatment of 1 blood collection
  • Platelet Rich Fibrin is used for treatment in an amount from 8 do 12 ml SPRF+, IPRF
  • The procedure is performed with 3-10 ml tubes specially manufactured and labeled for this product

The amount of platelet rich fibrin allows to perform one of 3 procedures:

  • Maximum face revitalisation
  • Deep remodelling
  • Maximum neck and décolleté revitalisation


  • 2x more stem cells and growth factors
  • 2x more platelet rich fibrin SPRF+ for better therapeutic effects
  • 2x more cell rich fibrine – better therapeutic effects
  • patient comfort – 1 blood donation
  • the newest technology for SPRF+ obtaining – while obtaining the IPRF
  • double power of regeneration
  • comprehensive treatment procedures


  • strong stimulation of the skin to produce new collagen fibres
  • shallowing wrinkles, scars (e.g. acne scars, burn scars)
  • reducing stretch marks
  • filling tissue losses in the skin
  • skin revitalisation
  • enhancing its elasticity
  • improvement in skin firmness
  • increasing density
  • smoothing and unification of skin tone

The effect of better firmness, filling and elasticity can be seen and felt at the first treatment with Plasma Complex Premium. The full effect of remodelling and reconstruction of skin tissue is reached after a few months. The treatment requires being repeated, it is recommended to perform 3 treatments at intervals of 4 weeks.