PRP Smart System

Ideal set to start your adventure with PRP & PRF treatments! It contains a centrifuge + PRP 2 kit.


  • This is a special version of the D06 model, optimized for obtaining plasma and platelet-rich fibrins.
  • Unlike the standard version, it has speed adjustment every 10 rpm (every 100 rpm in the standard version), which allows for a very accurate reproduction of existing centrifugation procedures.
  • Another very important modification of the Premium version is the function of gentle braking in the last phase of centrifugation, which is particularly important in the process of obtaining injectable platelet-rich fibrin.
  • Warranty service – 24 months.


Kit for obtain platelet rich plasma PRP2 „ DEEP INJECTIONS = MORE EFFICIENCY”.

Advanced method of obtaining platelet-rich plasma of next generation, without the use of separating gel.

The lack of the barrier formed by gel allows us to use innovative procedures of centrifugation, as a result of which platelet-rich plasma with many times higher concentration of platelets is obtained, which increases the regenerative capability.

All products are certified medical devices and they bear the CE mark including the number of the notifying body (4 numbers).

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