Plasma and fibrin 
PRP+PRF kits


We offer our own brand kits for obtaining platelet-rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin (certified kits and medical class IIA secondary injection tubes), intended for use in aesthetic and regenerative medicine, orthopedics, dentistry, trichology.   

We offer you:

– PRP 1 and PRP 2 kits and tubes 

– PRF Basic kits and tubes

– Plasma Complex Premium – comprehensive therapy IPRF/SPRF+

We also offer you a centrifuge optimized for obtaining plasma and platelet-rich fibrins, with speed adjustment every 10 revolutions per minute and a function of gentle braking in the last phase of centrifugation, which is especially important for the process of obtaining injectable platelet-rich fibrin.  

Platelet-rich plasma

We offer two types of PRP kits

  • PRP 1 – set to obtain PRP plasma for mesotherapy treatments, tubes with separating gel and citrate
  • PRP 2 – PRP of new generation, without separating gel, for deep injections
  • You can buy additional PRP tubes

    Platelet-rich fibrin

    We offer two types of fibrin sets

    • PRF Basic – allows to obtain from 1.5 to 4 ml of platelet-rich fibrin for injection (IPRF, SPRF)
    • You can buy additional PRF tubes

      Plasma Complex Premium

      Comprehensive autologous therapy with stem cells, two types of fibrin (SPRF+ and IPRF) and growth factors. The treatment is performed in 3 procedures: : 

      • Deep remodeling
      • Maximum face revitalisation
      • Maximum neck and cleavage revitalisation
      • You can buy additional tubes