autologous filler

SKIN UP – an autologous filler obtained from platelet-rich plasma for everyone who appeciates natural beauty. 
  • natural filling effect 
  • for those who value autologous products, as an alternative to hyaluronic acid fillers 
  • the effect of filling and regeneration in one treatment 
  • 100% natural 
  • meeting the needs of patients who cannot tolerate HA and other fillers
  • a combination of regeneration and tissue filling from some variants of the preparation with growth factors a minimally invasive method
  • safe, excellent tolerance

In the single blood collection procedure, the specialist performing the procedure can produce both a highly concentrated new-generation plasma for facial revitalisation and an autologous SKIN UP filler. 

The treatment with the use of an autologous filler consists of 3 stages:

1) Platelet-rich plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood using certified test tubes intended for secondary injection and a laboratory centrifuge. From a single blood sampling procedure, 5 to 20 ml of autologous filler are obtained. 

2) Production of an autologous filler using the Plasma Gel Filler device. 

3) Skin injections (wrinkle filling, face modeling, soft lifting, nose correction, body/hand modeling, lip enhancement).