TrainingJuvelook & Lenisna – long lasting hybrid stimulators

VIP Training – individual or group training up to 5 participants.

The course is intended for people starting their adventure with the “long lasting tissue stimulator” and who want to broaden their knowledge and acquire new practical skills, allowing them to introduce innovative methods of tissue stimulation in their chosen field.

The course is conducted at an advanced level for people working with a cannula which prepares them to perform the procedure themselves, consisting in applying a hybrid of polylactic acid to selected areas of the skin, the face, neck, cleavage, hands, arms, and body.

During the training, we put a special emphasis on gaining practical skills by the trainees. The practical part begins with a demonstration procedure performed by the trainer on the model, with a detailed analysis of each stage of the procedure. Thanks to this, the trainee becomes familiar with the basic techniques and stages of the procedure.

All the time during the practical part, the trainer watches over the course or the procedure and ensures full safety of administering the preparation to the models.

It is important to highlight that the participants of the training perform the procedure on their own with the full assistance of a certified trainer.

Training participant receives:

  • Training manual
  • Teaching aid
  • Treatment consultation form templates
  • Ongoing supervision after the training
  • Access to certified products and care of a sales representative of a given brand
  • Beauty Europe marketing support
  • The possibility of purchasing materials for work during the training
  • Accredited certification confirming the completion or the training.

If are you interested, please contact:

Beauty Europe Official National Sales Manager
Elwira Katkowska
+44 7383 818272